10 Best GTA 5 Mods in 2022

10 Best GTA 5 Mods in 2022
10 Best GTA 5 Mods in 2022

GTA 5 modes have been one of the most famous and popular games genre industries and have gained many users and revenue in the last few years. Apart from GTA 5, mods and add-ons have been popular among gamers. The game is much more popular on the PC than on its console user base. Below are the best GTA 5 mods for PC.

Natural Vision Remdstred Mod

GTA 5 has excellent graphics and is already a game that requires heavy system requirements. One such GTA V mod is trendy among PC gamers. It makes GTA V look much greater than the default high graphic.


This mod is one of the most popular among the Grand Theft Auto 5 game fans, where the character is transformed into an Iron man and can do all the stunts and actions done by Iron man in the movies.

Eject+Parachute Thruster Mod

If you played the game, you might know that parachute was one of the gamer’s prominent features without cause is not even possible. It brought great physics to the game and gave the user a different way to travel. To get these mods, the easiest way is to buy a modded account. You can buy one from https://www.Furymodz.com

Vice Cry Remastered Mod

This mod was ranked among the first mod. In GTA5 mod, Vice city was an attractive makeover with shimmering sunset and rippling wales. The mod provides a Vice City map with details, lights as well after cars.

Intensity ENB Mod

This mod is meant to enhance the graphics and visuals of games. It displays color contrast to make the city much more mesmerizing with great illustration during rainfall. If you want to increase the dynamic effect, you need to install it.


This mod was to bring TSUNAMI to the vice city. It can transform the entire town into a tsunami after math or a submerged replica of Atlantis. It is popular among GTA 5 mods. It brings a massive Tsunami to the city, and the tall skyscrapers are being hit.

Realism Mod

This mod was created for Los Santos city in GTA 5. This mod brings out the lift in GTA’s imaginary city. You can play the game disciplined, like following traffic rules and going the speed limit. It also provides naturally enhanced experiences with the game play, for example, wallets falling off people’s pockets and much more.

ANGRY Planes Mod

GTA 5 is about playing roles and exploring, then driving cars, trucks, airplanes, etc. It turns every aircraft pilot flying overhead into a kami Kaze killer. They will come and crash into you anytime, and they are flying above you.

The Police Mod

The police force is one of the significant parts of GTA characters. This mod was allowed to side with LSPD and the local police and walk on their shoes the entire day.

Prison Mod

Real-life prison might not be exciting as a prison in GTA 5. It is one of the best mods that PC gamers have been using to witness getting arrested and getting out of jail as a freeman.


In this mod, San Andreas is both set in a fictional state. GTA improves a lot. There are fun gang warfare features. This is a game where there is a lot of fun and thrilling shooting as well as killing.

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