5 Most Common PS4 Problems and Their Solution

5 Most Common PS4 Problems and Their Solution
5 Most Common PS4 Problems and Their Solution

1- Blue Indicator Light

It indicates that there’s some sort of failing in hardware and something is off-base in the background.

Disengage Power Cord: While everything is plugged ON, separate the primary power cord of PS4 until it turns off the gaming console. Plug it back following a couple of moments and check whether fixed the blue light blinking issue.

2- Red Indicator Light

On the off chance that the console’s red LED light is constantly flickering, it means a genuine overheating issue or hardware fault.

To fix this, you should switch off the power supply of your PS4, giving it some rest for some time. Likewise, ensure that your PS4 has very much ventilated environmental factors so warmed room temperature does not impact it.

3- Corrupt HDMI Cable

On the off chance that the HDMI port or link is damaged, it will interfere with the sound/video playback upsetting your gaming experience.

To fix this, you can get the PS4 HDMI port repair at a close by Sony store or a 3rd party repairing service provider, or purchase another HDMI link and check whether there was an improvement in playback. Attempt different HDMI links and test where the genuine issue lies.

4- Connectivity Issues

This significantly happens when the Play Station Servers are stuck or over-burden by numerous dynamic clients.

The main conceivable solution to fix this is to sit tight for some time and afterward again attempt re-interfacing. Likewise, on the off chance that you are confronting availability issues reliably, you can go to Sony’s true site and attempt to download the firmware from some other elective source.

5.   Running Out of Storage Space

On the off chance that you own a PlayStation 4 Pro, you are very fortunate as it accompanies a 1 TB space limit. Be that as it may, rest all PS4 variations typically support a 500GB inner memory space which rapidly gets busy with games and different data. To fix this issue, you can use an external hard drive as an extended space option so you can appreciate playing your number one games without stressing space issue.

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