Best educational apps 2020

Best educational apps 2020
Best educational apps 2020

Information Technology advancement and the need for continuous improvement have revolutionized the entire education sector. Educational apps have been developed for different learning levels right from pre-school, primary, secondary, Universities, and general knowledge. Teachers, students, and parents can actively engage and interact with an educational app platform. Early age interaction of our children with electronic gadgets and applications coupled with their inquisitiveness have made them technologically savvy even more than some of their parents, if not par. Educational apps are available on iPhone, iPad, tablets, phones, desktops, and laptops. Many, free and purchase, apps are available, but let’s focus on the top 5 apps for learning.

What is the significance of apps in education?

The significance of apps in education is the one million dollar question we should first address before going into details. Nowadays, adults and children download and use apps daily for different reasons. Apps have benefitted both teacher and student. Teachers can order exam questions while students can get help with essay. Mobile apps have tremendously increased the speed at which information is used and shared.

  • Teachers and students adapt quickly to new changes in technology as the world changes toward artificial intelligence.
  • Learning on mobile phones and tablets is full of fun, engaging, and highly interactive.
  • have digitized education. Information can be accessed on smaller mobile devices hence reducing the carrying of many physical books by students and teachers.
  • Education can is accessible at any time, even from remote places.
  • Students prefer apps over books and pencils.
  • I am learning remotely and online away from the classroom and lecture halls.
  • Apps provide parents with features to track children’s performance and communicate with teachers.
  • It’s easy and fast to get updates on education matters through apps.

Which are the top apps for educational learning?

With the advent of coronavirus threats worldwide, mobile phones and tablets will keep children very busy indoors. Parents can download educational apps for their children. Learning will continue at home.

  1. Spelling stage
    This excellent app will give you vital tutorials on spelling words. It caters for all stages of learning from the very basic to advanced stages of learning.
  2. Class dojo
    This app enhances communication and interaction between teachers, students, and parents. All of them come together on one platform, and parents can easily monitor the performance of the child.
  3. Quick maths
    Maths has been a challenge, especially to slow learners. Quick maths has made learning and understanding of maths to be comfortable and fun. This app is suitable for 6th-grade students and below. The design of the app will enable learners to improve solving problems gradually.
  4. Science 360
    National Science Foundation developed science 360 apps to run on Tablets specifically for scientists and university students. It provides users with authentic and high-quality images, videos, engineering news, and advanced science information. These scientific app contents are updated every week. The learners expertly trained research science and engineering courses.
  5. My Molecularium
    Another science-oriented app specifically designed and developed to help learners study chemistry in a simplified manner. The gamified and game-based usage enables learners to understand the skeletal formula, molecular structure, and chemical formula only and entertainingly. Understanding advanced and sophisticated topics is no longer difficult for students.


The education sector has benefitted tremendously from the development and availability of mobile apps. Educational apps have encouraged students to learn in a fun and straightforward way, leading to improvement in their academics. Thanks to mobile apps, education is now cheaply available remotely anytime worldwide.

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