Coin Master Game Review

The coin master to be fair is not a new game at all, the game has been here since 2010. The coin master game is a town-building game that was published by Moon active corporation. Ever since its release and getting famous on Facebook and other social media apps by its ads, the game has taken over the internet in terms of the player base so let’s have a look at different aspects of the game Coin master.

Introduction to Coin Master

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The game was officially launched on 11 December 2010 and got famous around 2015 for its ads on different platforms, driving players of all ages to the game. The game is based on a lottery system which is essential for your growth, but be aware as it can be addicting and some even describe it as gambling, so keep that aspect in mind. The game offers you many different kinds of villages that you can build, which can be super exciting in the long run as it can be your very personal collection of Cities.

The Plot of Coin Master

The coin master is a game built for both Android and iOS which heavily depends on players spinning a lottery machine. The lottery machine is heavily responsible for your progress in the game as it gives you coins, shields, raid points, and weapons that you will be using to attack and defend against other players. Your journey will start through different villages and times, and you will be asked to rebuild every single one of them. You can be Viking, a pirate, or an Egyptian king, it’s your adventure and you can choose to be whatever you wish.

The Gameplay of Coin Master

You can do many activities in the game Coins Master. Some of them are listed below.

Rebuilding Villages: The game Coin Master requires you to rebuild many different cities with unique styles and themes. Rebuilding then requires you to upgrade each building in the given village to a certain star to unlock the next city. Rebuilding each village rewards you with extra spins, which you can use to progress faster in the game.

The Slot Machine: As mentioned earlier, the slot machine is one of the most important features of the game Coin Master. The coins and items that you earn from the slot machine help you progress faster in the game. Coins that you earn from the machine will be needed when you start building and upgrading buildings in the game. The shield will protect your Villages from getting raided, and the weapons will give you one chance to raid other villages and loot their coins.

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Village Collection: There are a wide variety of villages that you can collect and rebuild in the game, and this aspect is one of the best things about the game. From Viking villages to new-era modern cities, everything is covered in this game. Some of the best villages, according to us would be Viking, snow, and China Village.

Social Media And Progress: The game does not support the login of Google Play, and so players are required to log in through Facebook to play and safeguard their progress. The game also asks you to brag or share your loot or achievements on your social media posts which lets the game get free exposure and advertisement. Login into the game gives you extra 50 spins, which can be very good for your progress. We recommend you to log in and try their game at the beginning.

Graphics: On the aspects of graphics, we really don’t wanna rate this game as it’s more of a claiming game than a graphics-based game. The game is played in a portrait mode style which makes it a game you can play anywhere you want. The soundtrack is good and makes your gaming experience great and engaging.

Final Thoughts on Coin Master

Coins Master is without any doubt one of the best town building and relaxing games, the village system of this game puts it above all of the other similar genre games. But there is a gambling aspect of the game which can be slightly off-putting when you are trying to reach an audience which is generally around 12. Yes, the game has officially been listed for a 12+ age player base, and right now, the game has an overall rating of 4.3 stars in Google Play Store with over 100 million plus downloads. With this high rating, we can fairly assume that the game is seeing a steady rise in player base, and the game developers are constantly updating and making their game better, which is always a great point. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below!

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