CS GO Dust 2 Key Callouts

csgo is a popular shooting online game, in this game, the team is very important, players can not survive alone dust dust 2 is a popular map of csgo, many players love it, if you want to win the game in dust 2 , then active and useful communication is the key. You need to know the key labels in the map to communicate with your teammates, describe your location and report the enemy’s movements. Here’s an introduction to csgo dust 2 key callouts, hoping to help you To win the game and to learn more about callouts dust 2 you can visit gametopn.com.

Screenshot 1 - CS GO Dust 2 Key Callouts

1. T Spawn

The place where the terrorists started to attack , this place is very favorable for the terrorists, they can clearly see the Mid and Mid Doors , which allows them to easily observe the movement of the counter- strike to the B site.

2. A Short

spawns around this area , A Short is one of the win-win options in Dust 2 , it ‘s the shortest path for Counter-Strike and terrorists to get to A site , if you control this location, you have a lot of opportunities, you can get a lot useful information.

3. A Ninja

A Ninja is a good hiding spot on the A platform , behind the A platform crate , this is a great place for Counter-Strike to hide and wait for enemies.

4. Outside Tunnels

Outside Tunnel is a fairly large area, generally referring to the open part in front of the B tunnel, where terrorists can use to move to the B site.

5. Fence

Counter-Strikes can remain concealed here , and if terrorists want to ambush the Counter-Strikes as they exit the tunnel, they can enter through the tunnel, located on the B site to recognize this sign by the metal mesh fence .

6. Back Plat

Located near the platform at B site , perfect hideout for both teams, very safe, no one can see the place from b o mbsite.

7. Scaffolding

Scaffolding is CT Mid near BWindow ‘s massive building material is a good place to wait for B site defenders and attackers.

8. Xbox

The Xbox is a giant box that terrorists can find as they move through the lower tunnel to the middle level , and jumping on the box will help them reach A Short.

9. Suicide

small area next to T Spawn is a shortcut from T Spawn to Mid , but it is very dangerous here , and there are usually snipers guarding it.

10. Mid Doors

Mid Doors are gates located between CT Mid and Mid through which terrorist snipers can target and shoot enemies from spawn.

11. A Long

A Long is a fairly long corridor part on the right side of the Dust 2 map. When terrorists move to A Site, they can find it. After passing through this corridor, they can quickly break through to the pl ant .

12. CT Mid

This is an open area between B Site and CT Spawn, with direct access to B Plant, where terrorists usually enter from Mid.

Screenshot 2 - CS GO Dust 2 Key Callouts

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