Facts And Future Of Esports Industry

Facts And Future Of Esports Industry
Facts And Future Of Esports Industry

Here we briefly keep tabs on facts and future of eSports industry

Sneak peak into explosive facts of eSports industry

Since this cut throat gaming competition has its stronghold in the popular culture, this is an alarming situation for all global investors, brands, and consumers. One can expect the whole eSports viewership to go up at a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2023, an increase to 646 million in 2023 from 454 million in 2019, as Business Insider Intelligence estimated. Therefore, it keeps audience on foot to approximately double for a six-year period, since audience in 2017 stood at 335 million.

Incredible future of eSports industry

Even nowadays people are still discussing if they professionally play computer games, they should take it as a sport or not. Believe me it does not make any difference. As per World Economic Forum reports, the audience across the world for eSports has reached about 300 million. So based on this figure, any lingering doubt over the incredible future of this industry is already dispelled here. eSports will not show any signs to slow down in a decade. It will attract a wide array of players, advertisers, and viewers.  

eSports now has been widespread insomuch that it comes out with a prize pool over eSports betting USA, in addition to other sports or platforms. As per Business Insider, the US Open was awarded the biggest prize pool at about 50 million USD. What comes next is “The International 2017,” an eSports tournament which was held for the nerve racking game, Dota 2. The prize pool for that was 24.7 million USD alone, which is over 13.1 million of Indy 500 or 7 million of the Stanley Cup.


With this staggering number of viewers and players, the industry is also going up in generating revenues as well as popularity; and having an unbelievable ease of access, it lets everyone enter into this sector provided that they are really committed in pursuing their career in this industry. What you can merely imagine is an extremely glistening future.

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