Grey Zone on Google play

Grey Zone on Google play
Grey Zone on Google play

Google Play store has some strict policies when it comes to apps, and it is getting stricter every month. This means that whenever you are about to roll out an app, you will be bounced like a rubber ball. There is however an area that is… let’s say questionable. There is a very strict policy when it comes to slot machines and casinos in general. It depends on your GEO, but the rule is “no gambling apps”. Therefore you will not find there any app of bet365, bwin nor any other casino operators. But try to put into the search field 20p slot, King Kong Cash slot or any other kind of slot game or simply just slot machines. You will see thousands of slots in results, but how is this possible?

How come that despite the strict anti gambling policies you see so many slot machines or gambling games? The answer is “social gambling” and the social gambling games are maybe as annoying as most other games on the Play store. Let me explain. Let’s say you downloaded a strategy game and played it for a couple of weeks. Suddenly you got to that point where you can not move any further because your “enemies” are simply too strong. What options do you have? You guessed right (most likely). In order to be able to do a move in the game, you are forced to buy some artefacts.

Anything wrong about it?

Game developers earn a lot and they have to monetize their products, but paying to win is by many players considered a “monkey business”. The rules are not clear at the beginning and after you wasted your time playing it, you are kind of pushed into the spending. And there goes the money – a lot of money.

If you compare the business model to high key games such as Grand Theft Auto, you see how profitable the pay per win gets. While for GTA you start with 20 USD (even with addons you should be able to keep it under 100USD), the low key Play Store games can cost you thousands. You of course need experience to avoid this trap. You should read reviews and if the players call it pay to win, then stay away from it.

Ok, but what about the slots on Google Play?

Yes, getting there! If you download a slot game from Google play, you get free virtual cash in most of the cases. Most of the time you even get a daily extra bonus. You can play, you can lose and when you do, you can buy new coins. Ok, fair enough. But what if you win? Great question so let me tell you the answer. Nothing! As far as I know you are not able to withdraw your virtual coins. You are not able to transfer them into real money. You can do nothing but play with them. This at least saves you some money, since you don’t have to buy the virtual coins again. What a victory…

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