Indie Game Development Process, Top Games, Cost

indie game development - Indie Game Development Process, Top Games, Cost

Almost a decade ago, only gaming enthusiasts used to talk about indie games but this term was not much known to the general audience. However, today every person has a collection of their preferred indie games. Not only this, but even these games are also getting the prizes on the game awards for the most notable indie titles. Majority of the steam games are built by trusted video game development studios. There are more than 60,000 games on steam from which only 2000 belong to the large studios. A huge 96% of the steam games are basically indie games but they are only about 40% of the total sales. 

Here in this article, we will walk through with what is Indie Game development, process, list of top Indie Games and cost of game development.

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Indie Game Development – What Is It?

The indie game is the short form of the word independent games. Indie game development is the procedure of developing a game by a person or a small group of people who don’t have large publishers’ financial support. There are no large investors who are keen on investing in the ideas of the indie developers. However, these Indie game app developers raise the money from the crowdfunding platforms like CrowdFunder, Kickstarter and Indiegogo. These games are the projects which independent developers develop. 

Indie game developers are free to create indie mobile games by using their personal experiences and the world’s perceptions based on current social topics and many more things. The product of the indie developers might not use advanced graphics and mechanics, but the ideas behind these games can be a delight for the heart. 

Indie Game Development Process

The indie developers don’t get revised as per the specific needs of the video gaming market. Moreover, they also don’t adjust their skills to get hired from a huge gaming studio company. These developers have unique knowledge in the game development field. They combine their ideas and experience with different experts, which are needed in an indie game development process. There are a lot of tools and resources that are accessible for indie game development. An indie game developer has to follow a series of steps for developing a game and if you want to know about them, then take a look.

Getting an Indie Game Idea

The new game developers are mostly inspired by the games they prefer to play. It is the first stage of developing indie games, and in this stage, you have to consider all the possibilities you have. There is a rare case that the indie team will have to write the pitch to the management, so there is no need to follow this step. All they need to do is think of all the ideas they have and then choose the best one for developing an indie game.

Core Game

After finalizing the idea, the Indie game developers start the process by getting into the deep core of that idea’s functioning. However, some designers prefer to go with the pre-production and planning of the game first. But it is good to have an accurate idea first to plan all the things according to it. Getting the core game can just be creating a stand-in character that can move here and there. The other game features will be added later when the design of the game gets finalized.

Game Design

The indie game design refers to deciding the gameplay models, storyline, developing characters, maps and layouts, and other features. There is no different team of designers when it comes to indie game development. Instead, this step is also followed by the same team of people programming and creating the game art.

Game Production

It is the step in which all the above-discussed features and ideas are mixed. The uniqueness of the indie game development process is that there is no separate person for every role. Instead, only a  couple of people are creating these games, programming, art, and music. 

Testing of Indie Game

The testing of the game is a critical stage for indie developers. Every game has some bugs and systems that need to be corrected before the game launches. This step is taken to test the game so that the errors can be pre detected and corrected at the right time. After rectifying the errors, the indie game is launched in the market. 

List of Top Indie Games for PC, Android, PS4

The indie game development studios have more freedom, so they can experiment with the medium for creating some unique kinds of games that the blockbuster game market might consider absurd. They can use the old genres which the mainstream has forgotten and blend them into creating some outstanding games. The fan base of indie games is increasing because of the quality games that this industry is offering to the players. Here is a list of all the best indie games for PC, Android, PS4 you can play and have fun playing.

1. Spiritfarer

It is an efficient video game for PS4 based on death. Some people think that the developers have gone too far in developing this game. Still, the reality is that even the first frightened people also recognized later that the game is very excellent and thought infuriating. This game is kind of contemplative and allows the gamers to look at death from a different point of view in which there is no terror and prejudice. 

2. Coffee Talk

Coffee talk is a very calm and mood-lifting indie game for macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 that contains many fascinating stories from all types of people. There are also some adorable mini-games which can make you feel very warm. The fantastic graphics and good music allow the users to study the night visitors’ characters. In this way, the users can help those people find the answer to their questions. It is based on an overnight coffee shop which helps those people who need some encouraging words and treats them with a warm drink.

3. Sable

It is an indie game for Xbox in which the developers have tried to focus on issues a person has to face while growing up. It is an appealing project in the eyes of the young generation who wants to find the answer to their philosophical questions related to the future, plans, hopes and destiny. The gameplay of this fantastic indie game is mediative because, in this game, the players will be taken to a far distant world of desert in which they have to do the exploration. The graphics of this game are super-advanced, which creates a very encouraging atmosphere for the users to find the answer to some intimate questions related to their game.

4. Ooblets

Ooblets is a rural life-based video game for Windows, Xbox which has very amusing 3D cartoon graphics. This game offers the users daily quests and secrets that they need to expose, and the users also have to be in the main storyline where they will need to help the mayor save the whole city from mysterious forces. Some farms use high-end functionalities for taking care of their garden and pets. The gamers can raise cute tiny goblet creatures to work on the farm, improve workers, and surrounding land and throw dance parties. It is a relaxing and fun indie game that is very pleasant to play after having a very tiring day at work.

5. 12 minutes

The 12 minutes, indie game for PS4, PS5, is a point and click survival thriller project that portrays the story of a husband and wife in a death trap while having a romantic dinner. The police arrived in the room, and they blamed the woman for making the killing, and in the following twelve minutes, the pair got murdered. But there is a supernatural power in which the character gets the opportunity to go back twelve minutes every time to find out how to get out of this state. The people who admire thrillers and detective stories based on indie games will love this game. The exciting thing is that the man here has the voice covered by James McAvoy, the woman by Daisy Ridley and the attacker by Willem Dafoe.

6. The Falconer

The falconer is a role-playing game in which you have to play the role of a hawk warrior who can fight enemies in the air. You also have to uncover the secrets in the depths of the sea and explore new territories. The character has wings that you have to learn to use to fight efficiently in the game. This indie game is an ideal option for people who are more into fighting games. The graphics and sounds used in this game are outstanding, making you feel everything is accurate.

7. Typoman Mobile

This ground-breaking Indie game for Android  combines both word dexterity and puzzle solving skills in a compelling platform game. To survive you need to create words that can alter the environment and help you move on to the next stage. The game is full of crafty word puzzles and witty puns that contrast with the dark setting. You need to use a combination of typography and ink graphics to solve puzzles in addition to making words. 

What is the Cost of Indie Game Development?

Indie game development cost anywhere between $50,000 and over $750,000. The price rises along with the number of employees. But bear in mind that this sum does not cover the price of testing, marketing, public relations, and other components that can contribute to a game’s success. You may therefore add an additional $250,000 for these extra elements that you think are essential to the game’s success. In the long run, the game’s success might help recoup those expenditures.


The indie developers are independent people or a part of a small team which created video games for mobile devices and the PC without getting any support from the big companies. These game developers don’t have any fear of using new and risky ideas. They don’t seem to follow the recognized standards of the video game industry and do not focus on creating products only for the matter of making money. They combine their ideas and create successful games of the year.

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