Lords of the Fallen Beginner’s Guide: Attributes, Magic, Upgrades, and More

Lords of the Fallen Beginner's Guide: Attributes, Magic, Upgrades, and More
Lords of the Fallen Beginner’s Guide: Attributes, Magic, Upgrades, and More

Welcome to our beginner’s guide for the dark fantasy action RPG Lords of the Fallen! This guide will provide tips to help you survive and thrive in the game’s challenging world. We’ll cover topics like attributes, magic, upgrades, healing items, and more. Read on for the knowledge you need to overcome the game’s threats.

Here are some key points we’ll be covering:

  • Choosing the Right Attributes Early On
  • How to Respect Your Character
  • Storing Vigor for Later Use
  • Understanding the Posture System
  • Identifying Enemy Weaknesses
  • Finding More Healing Items
  • Upgrading Gear and Understanding Scaling
  • Gaining More Spells
  • Using Vestige Seeds
  • Getting Boss Weapons and Armor
  • Progressing NPC Questlines
  • Interacting with Shrines

Choosing the Right Attributes Early On

When first starting in Lords of the Fallen, it’s wise to focus your attribute points on Vitality until you have a decent health pool. Early enemies hit extremely hard, and you’ll want enough health to avoid getting one-shotted. Increase Strength or Agility only enough to meet weapon-wielding requirements at first. Their damage gains are small with beginner gear. Magic attributes like Inferno and Radiance only need points to unlock your desired spells for now. Prioritize Vitality first for survival.

How to Respect Your Character

If you want to change your attribute placements, you can look at Pieta in Skyrest Bridge by using a Rebirth Chrysalis item. You can buy one from Molhu after some progression. There are only two more hidden in the game for a total respect limit of 3 times per playthrough. Plan your builds wisely!

Storing Vigor for Later Use

You can bank the different currencies Vigor using a mechanic unique to LOTF Items. Purchase Vigor Skulls from Molhu in Skyrest Bridge. They consume Vigor to create but store Vigor when used later. You’ll lose half the Vigor invested, but they prevent losing all your Vigor from repeated deaths.

Understanding the Posture System

Enemies have a Posture meter shown in their lock-on icon. By hitting and parrying them enough, you’ll deplete it fully. Then you can riposte with a special Grievous Strike for huge damage by hitting an attack near a downed enemy. Manage Posture to take down tough foes.

Identifying Enemy Weaknesses

Enemy health bars display different colors based on weaknesses and resistances. Grey means resistant, white is neutral, and red means weak. Adapt your damage type accordingly. You can temporarily buff weapons with items like Minor Fire Salts. Use damage-type protection items like Fire Ward when you recognize enemy damage types too.

Finding More Healing Items

To get more uses from your Sanguinarix Flasks, find Saintly Quintessence in the Umbral Realm and give them to Pieta in Skyrest Bridge. You can also buy consumable healing Briostones from Stomund. Make sure to explore thoroughly and revisit merchants often.

Upgrading Gear and Understanding Scaling

You’ll need to rescue the Blacksmith from her cell in the early game to access upgrading. Stronger gear requires Deralium materials found everywhere. Higher upgrades and better base stats improve scaling, boosting damage and defense gains from attributes.

Gaining More Spells

Buy some spells from magic vendors like Exacter for Radiance and Molhu for Umbral spells. Defeat bosses and explore to find more spells as treasures. Offer boss Remembrances to Molhu using Umbral Scourings to buy spells too. Meeting requirements and finding spells expands your arsenal.

Using Vestige Seeds

Vestige Seeds are consumables that create temporary checkpoints called Vestige Seedlings. Look for Umbral Flowerbeds to plant them. Seeds are limited, so use them wisely. Enemies and merchants provide more. Balance pushing ahead with securing your progress.

Getting Boss Weapons and Armor

Defeating major bosses grants Remembrance. Take these memories and Umbral Scourings to Molhu to purchase boss-themed gear. Umbral Scourings are finite per playthrough, so spend them carefully to acquire your desired items.

Progressing NPC Questlines

Speak to NPCs like Rhogar, Stomund, and Pieta often after progressing to continue their questlines. Exhaust their dialogue and accept their requests to gain rewards like gear and lore. Don’t forget about them or their stories will stall.

Interacting with Shrines

Seek out the Umbral, Radiant, and Rhogar shrines. Fulfill their quests like revenging fallen players to gain useful items and upgrades in return. These mysterious factions offer strong benefits well worth the required deeds.

This covers the basics of survival and progression in Lords of the Fallen. Now you’re ready to learn through experience and master this merciless realm. Check the wiki if you need specific details, and may the gods watch over you on your dark journey.

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