Overwatch Team Ranking: What Counts and How the Leaderboard Is Built

A multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch, is one of the most popular products by Blizzard. The statistics say more than 7 million users worldwide have already joined the gameplay. About 650,000 people play the game daily.

1 - Overwatch Team Ranking: What Counts and How the Leaderboard Is Built

This shooter attracts gamers not only as a means to relax and have fun but also as an eSports discipline to cheer on their favorite professional Overwatch teams. By the way, you can find out about the current successes of your idol team and look up its ranking on the leaderboard by visiting https://eplay-info.com/en/overwatch-teams/.

This website contains the details about Overwatch teams, including the names of the players, the list of all tournaments they’ve participated and the places they’ve taken. There you’ll also find the current statistics of the wins and losses for each team on the leaderboard.

Let’s be honest, the position of your favorite team on the leaderboard matters much for its future. Anyway, getting to the top means a lot of hard work. We’ll explain how the team ranking is formed and what is taken into account in the Overwatch leaderboard. So, let’s not waste a minute!

The Structure of the Overwatch Season

To understand how the ranking is formed, it’s essential to know the structure of the Overwatch gaming season. The entire Overwatch gaming season is divided into four tournament cycles. All professional teams start the season by battling with other representatives of their region. The teams need to play 16 gameseach (four per cycle). Thematches will determine the teams’ qualifications and seeding for further tournaments.

2 - Overwatch Team Ranking: What Counts and How the Leaderboard Is Built

Overwatch teams can qualify for May Melee, June Joust, Summer Showdown, and Countdown Cup.

Once the qualification games are over, the six representatives of the Western region play the knockout matches to determine the two best. The same will take place in the Eastern region with the difference that 4 teams instead of 6 will decide which two deserve to move on to the main battle of the championship.

Finally, the four best teams from both regions will fight for the championship in the double-elimination bracket.

What Influences the Teams’ Rankings?

Each of the 16 qualification matches can bring a team 1 League Point in case of a win. Overall, a team can gain 16 points throughout these matches. How can they define the best one if several participants get equal points?

To avoid such situations, the teams winning the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places are rewarded with extra points. A team winning first place acquires 3 League points. The second place grants 2 League points, and the third – 1 League point.

The number of points acquired is one of the factors influencing the team’s ranking on the list of the best Overwatch players.

Winnings-Losses Affecting the Rating

The performance of the teams in the midseason tournaments and playoffs also influences their ranking. Traditionally, the win-loss correlation is taken into account. Aside from this, some other indexes affect the team’s ranking. They are:

  • the number of matches played;
  • the number of titles won;
  • maps won;
  • maps lost;
  • map ties;
  • map division.

Still, it’s the winning percentage that determines the rank of the team and its position on the leaderboard. In case two or more teams have the same winning percentage, other aspects are considered to define their ranks.

3 - Overwatch Team Ranking: What Counts and How the Leaderboard Is Built

Why Does the Team Ranking Mean Much?

The game is getting more popular on the professional level so every new season of the league and every new tournament are getting more exciting. You can feel all the spectrum of emotions watching the pros playing Overwatch – from despair to pride, from anger to utter joy.

While many game fans have their favorite professional teams regardless of their successes, some people still take eSports disciplines, particularly Overwatch, as a means to earn money. In the first case, the ranking of the team doesn’t play a large role, but it’s still nice to see your idols at the top. In the latter situation, the leaderboard has a decisive role.

Summing up

Every team playing Overwatch has its ups and downs. However, to determine which of them is worth risking your money, you need to get a complete picture of their performance. Overwatch teams’ leaderboard is built relying on multiple factors. Having this ranking at your disposal, you don’t need to analyze all those piles of the information yourself. Everything left for you is determining the favorite of the game!

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