Paintball Game and Tippmann A5 Review

Paintball Game and Tippmann A5 Review
Paintball Game and Tippmann A5 Review

There are various different games that can be played to keep you paintball games entertaining. Capture the flag, elimination, hold the fort are popular in our local fields.

Capture the flag – In the game, paintball players are separated in two teams, a flag can either be put in the middle of the field, or a flag can be put at the home base of each team. The idea is to capture the flag without getting shot and return it to your home base. This game is always a challenge since as soon as you grab the flag, you are now the target of every remaining player on the opposing team.

Elimination – The is the standard game of paintball. You choose two sides, blow the whistle and shoot the opponent until every player is eliminated, or a set time period expires. This is the easiest game to play and is great when you have a large group of people.

Hold the fort – One of my favorite games of paintball. In capture the fort, you have two teams, one whose job it is to hold a fort or base of some kind for a set period of time. The opposing team has to take over the fort before the time limit ends. Depending on the strength of the cover on the field, you can allow a player to respawn or stagger the team sizes at the beginning of the game.

Let’s take a look at the paintball gear to get you in the game.

The A 5 Tippmann is one of the most reliable paintball markets available today. Its a favorite with paintball enthusiasts because of its low price, dependability, and durability. The A 5 Tippmann can shoot up to 17 balls per second and is available in camouflage, black, and silver. It’s a great option for beginners and should easily last you 5 years.

If you come to see the Tippmann A5 review then you can find it is the most customizable gun on the market today. The basic design is inspired by the Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine gun. Some upgrade options improve performance while others are purely aesthetic. There are a variety of sights, scopes, barrels, body kits, stocks, and triggers allowing you to personalize your gun. There’s also a wide assortment of shrouds that make your gun look like almost any military rifle. There are endless options and upgrades available from Tippmann as well as many other companies.

The A 5 can use nitrogen, CO2, or compressed air. This makes it perfect for all climates and weather changes. Some users complain that CO2 runs low quickly because of the Cyclone Feed. However, that is also one of the favorite features of the gun, so its a trade-off.

The proprietary Cyclone Feed increases your rate of fire while decreasing the possibility of chopped paintballs. It also eliminates the need for an aftermarket hopper. Users generally give this feature extremely high marks.

Overall, the A 5 Tippmann gets great reviews from users. It has everything an average paintballer needs right out of the box – accuracy, high rate of fire, durability, easy to use sights, and the Cyclone Feed. It’s a paintball marker that’s great for beginners and will give you many years of use. The ability to customize the gun is also attractive since you can tailor it to fit any of your needs. The A 5 Tippmann is a great buy overall.

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