SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD v1.53.8.12 (Unlimited Money)

SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD v1.53.8.12 (Unlimited Money)
SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD v1.53.8.12 (Unlimited Money)

SimCity BuildIt – Free Download – App – MOD – OBB – Mobile – Safe – Hack – Ocean of Games Android


Developed by Electronic Arts, bringing Simcity to the platform of Mobile, where players are allowed to manage and concept their own metropolis. It does not matter whether you are newcomer or a professional city planner, it offers something for everyone. The MOD version adds extra excitement which include player to open their creativity without the limit of financial.

The MOD version offers unlimited Money which enables the player to build city of their own dream develop the skyline and watch the inhabitant thrive under the player guidance. On mobile platform Simcity built (unlimited money) stands as a map of City building simulation on mobile platform. Limitless possibilities and astonishing as well as stunning visual player can built their dream building as well as city from a scratch. Get involved and release your instant inner capabilities and watch your evolution of building urban heaven.

SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD
SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD
SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt


  • Player can create city of their vision and dream. Construct industrial zone and commercial districts, balancing need of your citizen and prerequisite of economy.
  • The essential resources such as water, electricity and sewage must be ensured for smoother functioning of your city.
  • Player needs to make the plan strategically to maintain storage and healthy balance between supply and demand.
  • Your citizen needs must be cater by your as a mayor of city. Education healthcare and entertainment must be provided to your citizen.
  • Player can test city building skills against other player on global contest and challenge. Players can exhibit their skills against other player in world contest.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and above
  • RAM: 1 GB or higher
  • Storage: 200 MB of free space
  • Internet Connection: Required for certain features such as multiplayer mode and online events

Similar Games

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  2. Township:- Combining city building with farming and resource management. Players can create own town while growing crops and raising animals and trading goods with friends.
  3. Pocket City:- A city building game with retro inspired aesthetic. It allows players to design and plan their own thriving city, tackling various challenge and problems.

SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD v1.53.8.12 (Unlimited Money)

SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD v1.53.8.12 (Unlimited Money) Free Download app for android setup in single direct download of SimCity BuildIt from oceanofgames android.

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