Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod – How to get it

There are many Sims 4 mods out there, but one that is sure to spice items up is the Extreme Violence Mod for Sims 4, aka Sims 4 Murder Mod. Sims 4Extreme Violence Mod adds an unmerciful new feature to the classic life simulation game.

Like a lot of PC games, Sims 4 has a large mod community. While some mods primarily introduce cosmetic changes to the game in the form of furniture or character customizations, other Sims 4 mods add new places to explore or new ways to interact with other simulations. The best part is that mods such as Extreme Violence Mod are available for free.

sims 4 - Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod - How to get it
Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod – How to get it

Since The Sims was released in 2000, mods and cheats have been a huge part of the player experience. Mods are real game-changers, from changing simple things like hair color, makeup style, and clothes to combining new furniture, novels, and careers for your Sims.

The Sims 4 has stayed in business since 2014 and has received constant packs and expansions. However, fans feel that some aspects are still missing – especially dangers and emergencies.

The Sims 4 Extreme Violence mod adds an abundance of unsightly pleasures to the game. Famous for the numerous ways to murder fellow Sims, the mod lets you live out your criminal desires and needs. The extra murders range from running over Sims with a car, mowing down civilians with an Uzi, literally ripping Sims’ hearts out, and so much more!

Aside from the deadly additions, actions like robbery and simply hitting a Sim are added for those with less grueling tastes. Fortunately, extreme violence also allows Sims to defend themselves and even get revenge. These are tied to fitness skills, so don’t forget to send these Sims to the gym!

the sims4 - Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod - How to get it
Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod

Some other fun additions with The Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod:

  • The mod also adds gangs to neighborhoods to instigate turf wars by joining The Thotties or the HardWood gang.
  • Assassinate as many Sims as you can until death knocks you out
  • Clean up evidence like washing off blood or removing bruises
  • This mod also optimizes the police; They can be called to annoy murderous Sims.
  • While showering, actions such as “washing off the blood” to get rid of the blood are available.
  • Sims can pay others to clear up their bad reputation.
  • The option “Murderous Holiday” has been added to the calendar – but remember The Purge in Windenburg.
  • Oh, you can throw an entire helicopter at a fellow Sim if you need to.

How to download Extreme Violence Mod Sims 4

Getting The Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod is pretty easy. Produced by SacrificialMods, it is ready for download from their website. The mod only needs the base game to work, and it doesn’t need any additional packs.

How to install the Extreme Violence Mod Sims 4

Download the file to install. Then extract the Mods folder of your Sims 4 Program Files (or cut and paste the extracted files). Make sure you don’t put the files in a subfolder as it won’t work. Finally, allow ‘Mods’ and ‘Script Mods’ in the game’s options menu. There you have it – the Extreme Violence mod is installed and ready to use!

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