The Most Dangerous League Beginning Build Available for Path of Exile 3.22

With the release of Path of Exile patch 3.22, players from all over the world are getting ready to embark on new journeys into the dangerous world of Wraeclast. Your choice of a League Starter Build in this ever-evolving world of fast-paced gameplay and limitless possibilities can mean the difference between success and failure in this competitive arena. This guide is your entryway to a journey that is filled with power, riches, and uncharted territories. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been an exile for a long time or if you’re just starting out in this harsh landscape; it will serve you well. Join us as we reveal the most powerful League Starter Build for Path of Exile 3.22, and get ready to etch your name into the history books of this epic action role-playing game.

The Most Dangerous League Beginning Build Available for Path of Exile 3.22


The Poisonous Concoction Attack is excellent for a number of different reasons. It does not require a Weapon, which is typically an expensive requirement, and if you choose the Pathfinder class, you can ignore the drain on your Life Flask Charges. It has a fantastic flask charge recovery and an increased flask effectiveness, both of which have made it famous. Take note that in order for Poisonous Concoction to increase its damage, each time you attack it will use one of your Life Flask Charges. Putting money into your Life Flask can have some positive consequences. You will have an excellent amount of uptime on all of your Utility Flasks, which will significantly improve the survivability of your build. The most common strategy is to use a Magic Topaz Flask to significantly reduce the amount of Lightning Damage taken and a Lightning Coil Armor, which is relatively inexpensive, to convert the majority of the incoming Physical Damage into Lightning Damage. You won’t have any trouble dealing damage because Pathfinders, thanks to their Master Toxicist and Nature’s Reprisal Keystones, are predisposed to deal with Chaos Damage, so you won’t have to worry about that.


Skeletal Mages are among the most formidable of all ranged Minions. They inflict Spell Damage on a different Element each time. Now that we are all familiar with the Vendor Recipe for Dead Reckoning Jewel, which is necessary to turn all of your regular Skeletons into Skeletal Mages, we are in a position to recommend that you begin a Build with the intention of making use of Skeletal Mages. The power of minions, especially those with a predetermined duration, has never been in question. As a result of the addition of the Fresh Meat Support mechanic in this league, these Minions could potentially become even more powerful. Depending on how long they have been around, freshly created Minions receive either Adrenaline or Weakened Fury from Fresh Meat. Their default duration is twenty seconds, but it can be significantly increased through the use of passives, support gems, or the Queen’s Decree Sword. To begin dealing with any meaningful damage, you won’t need any cheap PoE orb, but later on, this type of build can become quite pricey if you plan to keep up with the aspirational content. Minion builds are simple to construct; to begin dealing with any damage at all, you won’t need any expensive items.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely give this conventional Minion build a shot if you haven’t already done so. The introduction of the Weakened Fury introduces the possibility of scaling Critical Strikes, but this is something that has not yet been thoroughly tested.


You won’t have much trouble leveling up once you become a Champion, despite the fact that this is not exactly the best way to begin the game. The Facebreaker Gloves increase your damage significantly, but in order for your character to benefit from this increase, they must remain unarmed. The damage boost is significant; however, if you do not have a weapon equipped, you will not deal any flat damage and, consequently, there will be nothing to increase. Because of this, Facebreaker builds look for any source of flat damage they can get their hands on, whether it comes from Iron Rings, an Abyss Helmet, or Loreweave Armour. By introducing Tattoos, we hope to be able to obtain even more sources of this Flat Physical Damage without changing any of the game’s fundamental Attributes. The new Trauma Support Gem can only be used with particular types of weapons, but it appears to be powerful enough to carry you until you get your final setup. The Champion is the best option because it has Fortify, extra armor, and an increased effect from auras such as Grace and Determination, making it very resistant to damage. Additionally, it has a good amount of Physical Damage thanks to the Master of Metal Keystone, which adds a flat amount of Physical Damage each time it impales a target.

Earthshatter is the Skill that we’ve decided to use in this situation; however, you are free to utilize virtually any other Physical Melee Attack that does not require the use of a Weapon. You may be discouraged from running it as a starter due to the heavy gear requirements that we have mentioned; however, depending on the availability of certain Tattoos, it can very quickly become viable. You may be discouraged from running it as a starter due to the heavy gear requirements that we have mentioned.


Due to the fact that it is so simple to use, Blade Vortex is a very well-liked Spell among players. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy Blade Vortex, but the Poison variant is the one that’s easiest to get for a low price. Other variations, such as Cold Conversion or Crit Impale, need a solid foundation in order to become enjoyable to play before you can start using them. The short range of this Spell is the primary reason for this, as it requires a significant amount of Damage in order to be used safely. To our good fortune, the Poison variant can be played with a very modest amount of equipment. Unique Items such as Obliteration, Ming’s Heart, or Asenath’s Gentle Touch can be found easily and can be purchased for a low cost. These items provide a significant increase to both your damage dealt and your clear speed. Using this Build, you will almost never need to stop moving; the only time you will need to recast it is to ensure that all stacks are maintained. With the return of Sanctum and unique item, you will once more have the ability to automate the Wither Debuff to significantly increase the amount of damage you deal to a single target over time.

Critical Strikes provide a one-of-a-kind method for adjusting the scale of effects that deal damage over time, and the Elusive Buff grants a significant amount of additional speed.

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