Top 5 Old School RuneScape Games of All Time

Top 5 Old School RuneScape Games of All Time
Top 5 Old School RuneScape Games of All Time

Albion Online

The greatest MMO you can enjoy as an option in contrast to the Old School RuneScape is most certainly Albion Online. This game has every one of the extraordinary qualities of RuneScape yet on top of that it likewise has a few acquired highlights from non-other than League of Legend and with a combo like that, you cannot turn out badly here.


The absolute first game that we will discuss is Titanreach, a game that players even call out as the profound replacement of RuneScape because of various reasons. From the beginning to a significant number of the elements that RuneScape is renowned for, Titanreach continues in similar strides, intently!


There is Old-School Runescape and afterward there is The New Runescape, however they are both exactly same, and The New Runescape is the Old Runescape with better illustrations. Furthermore, remembering that, you might have seen this game in the last ten years or so, but it was basically Runescape 3 before Runescape 3 saw the advancement of battle and graphical updates.

Guardians of the Rift

Guardians of the Rift is a non-battle minigame that happens inside the Temple of the Eye. The game’s primary objective is to help The Great Guardian in shutting a deep rift to The Scar, the riskiest piece of Abyssal Space, by providing it with guardian stones while keeping it from the abyssal creatures which get through the rift. You can also use osrs boss guide for Guardians of the Rift game to play it more efficiently.


Dofus is a strategic MMORPG title that allows you to make your own symbol and sets you off to this gutsy journey of tracking down the six lost eggs of the winged serpents to have a definitive power. Dofus Kamasis the in-game cash that has become very steady and important in the realm of MMOs.

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