Top VR Games for Your Android Phone

Top VR Games for Your Android Phone
Top VR Games for Your Android Phone

Virtual reality, or VR, is a new technology that has been adopted by almost all online games. Virtual reality allows gamers to experience a 3D environment that is interactive and live. These games are designed to improve the quality of the games as well as to provide an amazing gaming experience. These VR games, which are compatible with smart phones and are more user-friendly than ever before, are becoming more innovative.

VR games allow you to play on multiple devices using a single user name. Your android phones can be used to play the game while you commute. VR games have been updated to provide the same experience on a laptop, pc or PlayStation. Let’s take a look at some of the latest VR games for Android phones now that we have an idea what a VR game is.

* Melodrama VR is a puzzle game in which you must guide a small robot through different levels. It’s easy to start because you only have a few stones to move, but it gets more difficult as the levels progress. You use the controller to move stones and guide the robot up.

* Hunters Gate: This is a game for action-lovers. You will be the savior of the entire world when demons attack it. This game is fun and visually stunning. This famous rolling game will make you stronger and teach you new skills. Daydream controllers are required to play this game. These controllers allow you to keep track of what’s happening above you, which decreases the amount of interaction you have with the virtual world.

* Need for Speed VR Game for Speed Lovers. This VR game is a VR experience for speed-lovers and enhances the feeling of speed through Virtual Reality. It’s probably the most popular racing game for Daydream-capable smartphones. Its stunning graphics and fast pace guarantee an exciting ride. This game is even more exciting because of the possibility to customize and tune your car.

* Gun Jack 2: End of Shift. This game will see you sitting on a cannon in our solar system to defend against the thieves who want to take the minerals from our planet. You will have an arsenal of weapons that you can use to control everything.

Same like Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List games of today are challenging, complex, and ambitious. With the passing of time, these games get better. The benefits of playing video games go well beyond entertainment. Here are some surprising benefits to playing video games.

1. These are great for surgeons

Surgeons should keep up-to-date with the latest research. A study on laparoscopic revealed that surgeons who play video games for more than three hours per day are more likely to be successful during their procedures.

2. They can help you overcome dyslexia

Research has shown that dyslexia is often caused by attention problems. A study showed that video games can improve reading comprehension in patients with dyslexia. Video games can actually make it more difficult to focus because they constantly change the environment.

3. They improve your eyesight

It is possible that you have heard that too much time spent watching TV can cause vision problems. Scientists have found that playing video games in moderation can improve your vision. It’s a smart idea to play your favorite video games.

4. They can boost your career

Certain game genres help players develop leadership skills. They provide better services to society as a result. Researchers found that players have a positive correlation with their motivation to choose a career.

5. They make you physical

Some games can improve your body interaction. You can still play the game with a handheld controller. Sports games such as basketball, tennis, and skateboarding may be a good way for your children to practice their skills.

6. Your Aging Process is slowed down by games

Brain games today can help improve your problem solving, memory and puzzle component skills, especially for senior players. A study found that some players played these games for as long as 10 hours. They showed improved cognitive functioning at the end.

7. You can reduce your pain with games

What can you do to get away from pain? You can focus your attention elsewhere. You can also use video games to accomplish the same goal. Playing games can actually help your body release painkillers. If you pay attention to the game, you won’t feel any pain.

8. You can make friends with games

Many people believe that gamers are too isolated. However, this is false. Multi-player games allow you to connect with other players. People from all over the globe come together to play their favourite games and solve each other’s problems.

9. You can reduce stress with games

While some games can cause stress, there are also many that can help reduce stress. A study found that video game players had higher heart rates than those who did not. These are just a few of the many benefits you’ll get from playing video games.

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