We are FrostyBoost – World of Warcraft Carry Service

We are FrostyBoost - World of Warcraft Carry Service
World of Warcraft Carry Service

As many other MMORPG games, World of Warcraft is based on creating a character, exploring the game’s open world with its lore and picturesque locations, doing quest lines and interacting with other players, monsters and NPCs.

But it must be said that the game also has some disadvantages, for example, a tedious leveling process, which includes a lot of grinding, challenging dungeons and titles which are hard to achieve.
To make your WoW journey more pleasant, we take over this job and provide the following services:
Power leveling boost. We will pump up your character to a desired level in the shortest possible time. For those who are waiting for the upcoming expansion — you can also buy WotLK Character boost or WotLK leveling Boost already.

Arena boost: We will boost your arena rating and help you to reach any achievement or title, like the most prestigious one Gladiator. If you want to buy WotLK arena boost, it is already available!
WoW WoTLK professions boost. We will boost the profession and you will enjoy the benefits of any chosen profession.

Gear: If you need some rare or epic gear, we will run the dungeons and get the gear you need.
Honor points. We will farm any amount of honor you need and reach a weekly cap on the arena.

Raid boost: If you enjoy PvE, you definitely want to obtain the best items which drop from the hardest bosses in WoW. We can help you with that.

Accounts: Besides power leveling, we sell various accounts with rare equipment and high achievements or titles.

Dungeon boost: We will run the dungeons of your choice, boost your character and get you all the loot that drops.

Mounts: Let us know what mount you want, and we’ll get it for you.

Gold: You can purchase any amount of gold from us.

Twinks 19, 29, 39, 49 level: We offer twinks boosts to any desired level. There’s also an option for special twink equipment, just state it when ordering!

To find out more about our services, prices and execution time, just visit our website Frostyboost! Right now we’re offering WoW WoTLK boost, you can already make a pre-order.

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