What Is eDPI Calculator And How To Use It?

What Is eDPI Calculator And How To Use It?
What Is eDPI Calculator And How To Use It?

What is eDPI calculator?

eDPI signifies ‘effective Dots Per Inch,’ which is a formula used to work out the compelling sensitivity of some random player, paying little heed to hardware or software settings.

Although gamers liken settings, gear, etc. and looking at crude sensitivity and DPI can get confounding, we use eDPI when likening ‘genuine sensitivities.’ eDPI represents effective Dots Per Inch, and it is determined by increasing the mouse DPI with the sensitivity in the game. This provides gamers with a method of looking at the genuine sensitivity of various players, paying little mind to their hardware and software settings.

We realize that gamers liken everything: setup, gear and settings also. However, as it is explained above, DPI and sensitivity are faced with issues here, yet we use another course of action – eDPI. eDPI, which implies effective dots per inch and characterizes a genuine mouse sensitivity depending on the DPI and the sensitivity.

eDPI = DPI * sensitivity

How to use eDPI calculator?

We here assume to set the same eDPI value like your friend. Let’s take a loot how to use the eDPI calculator:

  1. Check settings you friend uses, for example, DPI 1000 and sensitivity 0.8.
  2. Set the sensitivity type for any game you play. For CS GO, this is a decimal sensitivity.
  3. Calculate eDPI of your friend in accordance with the formula given above:

eDPI = DPI * sensitivity = 1000 * 0.8 = 800

  1. Now check your settings, for example DPI 500.
  2. Calculate sensitivity needed with the formula above:

sensitivity = eDPI / DPI = 800 / 500 = 1.6 Here you go. That is how you can calculate your eDPI settings. Therefore, your friend has no excuses now and he can no more accuse your victory due to the better settings.

This calculation may look difficult and time taking. Another easiest way to calculate the eDPI is to use online eDPI Calculator that is very easy to use and gives the result instantly.

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