Wireless Gaming Earbuds for PS4/PS5/PC In 2022 – Gaming Earphones Review

MIDDLE RABBIT SW4 Decent earbuds, 2.4GHz dongle, finicky touch control, fairly decent highs/mids, adequate bass, 40ms

This is another pair of somewhat premium earbuds with a good twist; it has all of the basic features that are commonly available amongst all at this price range but it also lacks a couple features that I believe should be included given the price.

MIDDLE RABBIT SW4 is one of the few that has a separate 2.4GHz dongle for console systems or just ordinary computers that support the dongle. To start with, it will immediately pair with your phone/devices (assuming it’s been paired previously) as soon as the case is opened without even taking the earbuds out which I find quite annoying, but perhaps someone prefers this.

However, audio DOES come out of the earbuds when the lid is open but unless you pay attention or if the volume is at the max, you won’t hear anything which means if you open the case without taking them out, you are essentially muting the mic which again, I find annoying. The filters inside (pic 10) the earbuds appear to be made of metal which is great and that’s what I expect from earbuds in this category.

Wireless Gaming Earbuds for PS4/PS5/PC In 2022
Wireless Gaming Earbuds for PS4/PS5/PC In 2022

The sound quality in general is slightly above average; rich and clear for the most part. Unfortunately, the mic really isn’t up to the today’s standard and the quality for voice calls (the best you can get without going through Internet) falls short by a wide margin. While it is still acceptable. With respect to overall comfort it’s actually pretty decent in comparison to most others out there. The battery life is relatively good and it’s around 6 hrs.

Gaming Earphones Review
Gaming Earphones Review

The touch control is average or slightly below average and I often find myself pause or change the volume by accident because pause/resume is single tap while volume changing is double-tap, and it seems to have issues with those. A side from that, it’s fairly responsive and accurate.

Lastly, its ability to use a 2.4GHz dongle means it can support consoles or any other devices that support the dongle but might not necessarily have available Bluetooth to pair it with, and that’s exactly what I wanted for these.

3 - Wireless Gaming Earbuds for PS4/PS5/PC In 2022 - Gaming Earphones Review

All things considered, these are decent semi-premium earbuds that lacks most of the advanced features except for low latency support; however, it does have something that most others don’t have which is its support 2.4GHz dongle. Its sound quality is above average in comparison with others at this price point but the touch control is a bit more finicky than most. Where it falls short (for me) is the lack of quality of the mic. It is somewhat reasonably priced at $60 for what it provides.

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